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 Sweden suffered two terrorist attacks in the capital of a dead 2 injured

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PostSubyek: Sweden suffered two terrorist attacks in the capital of a dead 2 injured    Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:08 am

In the center of Stockholm to launch terrorist attacks at the crowded, is the most worrying attempts. Yes, it failed, but it may

cause a real disaster. - Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt men prada sunglasses

Local time on December 11, the center of downtown Stockholm, Sweden, there were two series of suicide bombings. The then Minister for

Foreign Affairs, said the two blasts are terrorist attacks. Sweden, officials said this is the first time in the country suffered

such attacks.

Two explosions within minutes of mens prada sunglasses

About 5 pm the same day, the Swedish capital of Stockholm's central business district, a pedestrian street there were two explosions.

Two explosions within minutes of the time. The first blast a car bomb, a car, witnesses reported seeing sparks, followed by violent

explosions occurred. The second blast from a location near the first blast, another car also exploded.

To the sudden explosion of the incident, the street began to scramble on foot to escape, many customers rushed out from the big

shopping malls.

Police said the suspects photos prada sunglasses

Swedish police immediately rushed to the scene. After investigation, they found the car were two explosions with gas cylinders.

Local media said the explosion killed a suspected bomber was killed and two sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital for

treatment, there is no danger.

Were killed in the suspected suicide bomber, explosives strapped to the body. Police said they had a very clear grasp of their

photograph, if necessary, will be published.

Yet raise alert level prada shoes

Andrew Lai Situo Mu Boge police spokesman said: "What if the suicide bomber dead, then this is the first time such incidents occurred

in Sweden." According to the said incident, the authorities have had no adjustment high-alert level.

October this year, security police from the second level of terror alert level is raised to the third level. This is a total of five

in Sweden for the first time the terror alert level raised to three.mens prada shoes
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Sweden suffered two terrorist attacks in the capital of a dead 2 injured
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